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A Change of seasons...

Hi Everyone,

It is been such a long time since I had to return to Japan and I can't believe the weather is now changing to Spring! One of my favourite beautiful flowers called Ume (which is on the photo) is blooming, and it won't be long before Sakura (Cherry Blossom ) will bloom.

I really miss you all so much, and I am planning lots of program now so that I can hopefully enjoy some time with you online until I get back to Australia. Firstly I already started online Chair Yoga on Wed morning 9:30 AM, but I will also start 7PM Mat version of Yoga from next week 17 th of March. The program is very different from what we used to do. I always wanted to make a yoga program that really helps the body to achieve Health and Happiness, and I am really happy to present this program so if you are interested please join me for this classes :) At this stage it is only $5 per session.

Also 24th of March at 1pm I will do a Living Choice Woodcroft Online session which you'll be able to join in the Auditorium. We will connect to the big screen there! This will be the new Chair Yoga class that I have been designing, and I really want you to feel the difference that the new exercises can bring. It will be a 30 min session and it will be so much fun! Also, I can chat with you all afterwards which will make it even more special. Only residents will be able to join this class, but it is free of session, so if you are a resident then it will be great to see you there!

I have been away for some time now but please know my heart is with each of you and my spirit is with each and every class. If things go well I hope to be able to let you all know my return date in the next week or two, but until then I'll be sending as much positive energy as I can and I will cherish the chance to see some of you online!

Sending you all my love and hope these photos make you smile,


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