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a precious time to bloom

Konichiwa Everyone :)

I hope you've all been enjoying some warm and beautiful Spring days and the magnificent colours of new blooming flowers that they bring! Summer has just finished here in Japan so Autumn is on the way, but the days are still quite hot which took a little bit of adjusting too coming straight from some chilly Adelaide weather...

I'm missing the fun and laughter of all of our classes so very much, but I am also extremely happy for the opportunity to spend precious time with my family. My mum is doing well and I've been enjoying my dad's cooking almost every night! Every day with them is such an amazing and treasured gift, a gift that is made even more special thanks to all of your warmth and understanding and the wonderful support of our trainers. Speaking of our superstar trainers, I would love for you all to get to know them just a little more by clicking on the new “TRAINERS” page in the top menu!

Now that I've established a little bit of a routine here I'm happy to announce that I'll be running an online Chair Yoga class on Wednesday mornings at 8:00am. If you are interested in attending, please don't hesitate to email me at and I'll send you the Zoom link and further information :) I'd love to see you there! I'll also be arranging a Yuki Health and Happiness online Coffee Catch Up real soon and I'll be doing my best to have a day, time and link up by mid week.

Thank you again to everyone for your support and kind wishes, and it makes me so happy to know that the fun of our Yuki Health and Happiness classes can continue while I'm away. Soon the weather in Adelaide will be heating up, the Christmas trees will be pulled from the cupboards and before you know it I'll be back and ready to make sure our health and well being ushers in a brand new year of absolute magic and new goals!!!

Take care everyone, keep an eye on the blog for the online Coffee and Chat update, and please enjoy this video of a fun little Japanese lunch I recently enjoyed....(sorry about my thumb!!!)


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Brenda Tregloan
Brenda Tregloan
Sep 20, 2020

Konichiwa Yuki. So nice to hear your voice! Rosalie and the sisters haven't been able to attend any classes since you left. We have been extremely busy and also fighting off viruses-NOT the trendy Covid model.😀

My sisters,and my family are helping prepare my house for sale. (Lots to be done).

So glad you're getting to spend quality time with your parents. Hopefully we can get back to normal soon. Take good care of yourself. Rosalie, Raelene & Kathleen 👋💋❤


Sep 20, 2020

Hey Yuki. Nice to hear that things are going well for you. I had to laugh when I saw that ten trainers have replaced you. Do you think you work too hard? I have started Strength for Life classes at the Seaford Recreation Centre. Determined to do some weight bearing exercise since my mother fell off of a ladder and fractured some vertebrae. CT scan showed she has severe osteoporosis. It was 30 degrees here a couple of weeks ago and nearly every girl in my sociology class was wearing cut off denim shorts! I have one more assignment to finish before I can enjoy the semester break. Well not really ‘enjoy’ as I am going to dig u…

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