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a special event!!!!

I really hope to introduce you to beautiful friend Takayo Osugi this Thursday.

Takayo Osugi became a Pilates instructor in 2008 after spending five years after working hard in classes to increase the strength in her body. She became so fascinated by what could be achieved by the mind and body that in 2010 she began to study Polarity Therapy, a physical philosophy based on the concept of the mind and body responding to a balancing of energy.

Since then she has developed a method of teaching focused on the importance of being able to connect closely with one's own body, and believes this approach can bring a new happiness and vitality to any lifestyle. This Thursday, I am so happy and honoured to announce a special event online class that will be the first time Takayo has attempted to teach non Japanese speaking clients! Please join me for something wonderful – I can't wait to share the experience with you all and will be translating to ensure everyone has the best possible experience :)

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