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Awesome Autumn!

Hello Everyone:)

Wow has it been an amazing couple of weeks!

It was so great to see some new faces at our Living Choice Chair Yoga Classes, and we were also proud to give a warm welcome to a new Strength For Life member – thank you all so much for choosing to join our Health and Happiness journey!!!

The seasons are changing and the weather is getting cooler, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from giving their all. Every class has seen truly inspirational workouts with a constant dedication to fitness, fun, laughter and happiness!

There is nothing more wonderfully motivational than one of our members of the Health and Happiness family achieving personal goals and then striving for even more magic. This week I would like to leave you with an email that not only left me smiling from deep inside my heart, but is beautiful proof that strong minds, hearts and souls that you all have can transform our lives in ways that will ignite the future with joy:)

Jeanette is a treasured member of Living Choice Strength For Life and Senior Fitness and has enough energy to power the sun!

Thank you Jeanette, you are truly special :)

“My name is Jeanette. I have been coming to Yuki’s classes for about 10 months. I do 2 classes a week and the benefits I have notice are pleasing.

I work in a hardware store, lifting is part of my job and it has become so much easier for me now my strength has improved and my arms are not so flabby. (Thanks Yuki)

A True Superstar!!!!!!!!!

I have also noticed improvement in my mental health and fitness levels. Yuki is such a positive person she makes your day a whole lot better with her positivity! I would recommend just come give it a go, have a laugh while at the same time improving your fitness and strength.”

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