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coffee fun this friday!

Good Morning!

I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone for bringing so much positive energy to all these new changes. I’ve had some amazing feedback, and am so excited at how fast our initial classes are filling up :) The fun is about to begin and I can’t wait!!!!

Saying that, I’m sure there are still a lot of questions many of you might have so I’d like to invite you all to a Yuki Health and Happiness Online Coffee Catch Up :) It will be held this Friday the 5th of June and will begin at 10.30am (just after our morning online class). If you haven’t had the chance to join us online previously it’s super easy – simply click on the link at the top of the VIDEOS page just before 10.30. If you have joined us before there is no change as it is the same link as always!

Our coffee session will be a great opportunity to get together and chat about classes and timetables as things begin to open back up. I’ll have pen and paper ready to write down class bookings and any suggestions you might have, but it will also be a fun way to celebrate our successes, share inspirational stories and finish the week with lots of laughter :) It will be so great to see you all!!!

I hope to have more information regarding other venues and classes real soon, but in the meantime I hope you have a warm and wonderful week ahead. It may be beanie weather now, but it’s also the start of a brand new adventure :)

Take care and see you soon,


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