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don't be like bobbie

This Autumn is most certainly a season we will all remember for some time, but together we’ll also rejoice when the first warm rays of Spring come shining through to bring things back to normal!

Just a quick blog this time to let you all know that I’ve begun uploading some fun exercise videos that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. I’ve started with some standing warm up exercises and a relaxing Chair Yoga class, but there is going to be a whole lot more to come so please don’t be like Bobbie!!!

This is such a challenging time for everybody but please know together we can power through this. I am ALWAYS available for a chat and I’m always ready to hear your suggestions for new videos. Anyone who has joined a Yuki Health And Happiness Class, even if for just one session, is a treasured member of a family that has the heart, the spirit, the energy and motivation to rise above all challenges that are thrown before us.

I’ll update soon about online group chats so we can all catch up to share a few laughs and fitness successes, but in the meantime please do all you can to stay safe. After all, when this quarantine ends we’ve got work to do!!!

Sending you as much love and positive energy as I can,


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