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Equinox Inspiration.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hello Everyone,

The mornings may be getting cooler but I can’t wait to watch our beautiful part of the world turn green again!

It’s been a fantastic week with many of our classes growing even bigger and better, so firstly I’d like to welcome all our new members and thank everyone for bringing energy like never before to our sessions :)

I’m so happy to report that Sunset Yoga on Saturday evening was a huge success with so many wonderful people coming together to recharge with the gift of nature’s majesty! It was so great to have a chance to spend time with you all and I hope to arrange another special event real soon.

It’s been outstanding to see the progress that everyone is making, and I’m constantly in awe at the level of dedication and determination that our members bring to the classes – you are all absolute superstars!!!

This week I have the honour of sharing with you a beautiful card given to me by one of our most energetic members, Hanne. Her amazing smile and spirit lights up our Byards Community Centre classes, our Chair Yoga sessions and Aerobics classes, and her words are some of the most powerful I have ever read. Hanne is a treasured member and I am so, so lucky to share friendship, laughter and a health and happiness journey with her, and for that I have eternal thanks :)

“I was born on the 29th of May, 1941 in a small town in Germany during the Second World War. The only photo I have is right here. He never returned to us. My father was missing. In 1967 we decided to migrate to Australia, my husband and three daughters we have been living in South Australia ever since. This year it has been 52 years in September.

I value the effort Yuki has been putting in more than anyone realises. The wonderful thing about your classes is the happiness we all feel when we are together. There are the exercises for our body and also for our mind which causes laughter as well. A wonderful combination as far as I’m concerned.

The interaction with other people is also of benefit, you connect with them and build friendships as well.

This is my contribution to how much the classes mean to me. You are an inspiration to us all.

p.s. The little girl is me with my dad at the age of two. That is the only recollection of him I have. It was the war that took him away and he was killed.”

Thank you so very much Hanne for sharing with us such a personal story. I cannot imagine the loss you must feel, but I do want you to know that you are the true inspiration :)


Hanna Aged 2

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1 Comment

Brenda Tregloan
Brenda Tregloan
Jan 09, 2020

Hello. You may know me as Rosalie ( my 2nd name). My sister, Raelene, and I have been attending Yuki's classes at Wakefield House on Tuesdays (chair yoga) and at Living Choice Retirement village at Woodcroft on Wednesdays (aerobics?) since about August 2019 and thank you to lots of lovely, friendly people (like Hanna) we got over our shyness and we're now feeling the benefits of regular exercise. Yuki makes these classes fun, while she is actually watching over us. Because of these classes, I can mobilise much better and my osteoarthritis and my osteoporosis conditions are managed better. I can actually get up and down from the floor now! Thanks to Yuki! Recently I have encouraged another sister (Kathy…

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