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I'm on my way!!!!

Hi everyone,

Last night I left Japan after 7.5 months! I couldn't be certain that I would be able to fly until actually checking in at the gate, but now I am in Singapore waiting for my flight to Adelaide which will arrive tomorrow.

Such a long time I've been away, and when I closed my eyes on the plane every moment I have spent with my parents came back to me and I really realised all the wonderful moments I was so lucky to have, and now all of those memories will forever be treasures held deep in my heart.

Now I am wearing my necklace that was given to me by so many special people and am heading home!!!! Unfortunately today's online class will have to be missed, but I'll be back next week with a special online class from the quarantine hotel :)

I'll write another blog as soon as I get to Adelaide – until then, thank you all so much for keeping our health and happiness dream alive and you cannot imagine how excited I am to finally see you all!!!!!!!

See you soon everybody.

Adelaide – here I come :)

Love Yuki.

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1 comentário

14 de abr. de 2021

Oh Yuki! 🥰

only just figured out how to use a blog so i’m a bit late (nothing new 😂)

What a journey you’ve had! So much emotion, pain and joy.

You have often been in my thoughts as you have with so many of us.

Keep safe, take time to heal and nourish your body and soul.

Welcome back🥳

You are so special to all of us!😘

Sue Parker

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