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it's time for sunshine!

Hi everyone,

Almost there! I will be finally leaving the hotel on Friday and going back to home!! It's been such a long journey, but soon I'll be stepping out into the sunshine :)

Just giving idea of what the quarantine about - most mornings I wake up and have phone call from Police and nurse to check I am doing well. Lots of beautiful food is delivered in front of the door in the paper bag and when I open the door I can't see anyone! lol

Whenever I need to open the door, I have to wear the mask, otherwise $1090 fine!!! Oh! No!! lol

But hotel is trying to let us have fun, we have Facebook page to talk with other people going through quarantine, and special TV show from hotel including Quizzes, Bingo, and of course Fitness!! And yesterday we had special event which we had wine tasting. 5 different wines and cheese was dropped off at my door, and we all connected to the Zoom and connected to one Winery in Barrossa.

In the beginning I felt it is such a long time to spend here in quarantine, but wow! That goes so quickly, and I feel bit nervous to go out and get Australian sunshine again! And touch the soil, ocean, Bobbie....

Anyway, thank you all so much for your constant support, and I cant wait to see you all. I will come and visit to the class for next 2 weeks, and slowly get back to it!!!

See you real soon,


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1 Comment

Brenda Tregloan
Brenda Tregloan
Apr 29, 2021

You'll be free on Friday. YAY! ❤

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