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Magic And Motivation

Welcome back everyone!!!

April has arrived and the good news is there’s a whole week of sunshine ahead, and that means our closest star is making sure we can all be full of energy :)

It’s been a fantastic week with all the classes full of smiles, laughter and amazing levels of motivation, and it’s been absolutely awesome to see so much progress being made – every morning I wake up excited to see all the new goals that are going to be achieved and I’m never disappointed! So thank you all so much for bringing a constant supply of magic and determination to our classes and I can’t wait to see all the achievements winter will bring :)

I had the pleasure of attending the Fitness Expo in the city over the weekend and it has given me some great ideas for new activities and exercises, and it was a wonderful opportunity to see what other fitness professionals are bringing to the industry. It also helped me realise how lucky I am to be bless with such amazing clients and has put a brand new spring in my step :)

Speaking of amazing clients, I’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate two of our Chair Yoga superstars Carolyn and Valerie. Not only are they neighbours but they bring endless energy to the classes and are always gracing us with their smiles rain, hail or shine!

Carolyn brought to the class a goal of improving her movement after a hip replacement, and after working so hard since her fist class in September it was absolutely beautiful to hear that her balance and movement has improved dramatically, her limp has reduced and her muscles have become more flexible!

Not to be outdone, Valerie is also celebrating improved strength and balance, and best of all she recently visited a medical specialist who confirmed that her lung capacity has increased a lot!!!!

This is a true success story for both superstars and I’m so proud of both her and Valerie’s commitment to bringing a greater level of health and happiness to their lives, and congratulations on reaching your six month Chair Yoga journey :)

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