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magic december can't be stopped!

Good Evening,

Unfortunately you're stuck with Yuki's husband again for a quick blog as I just wanted to let everybody know about the new QR code that the South Australian government has introduced!

Starting today, Tuesday the 1st of December, our fantastic South Australian community has been asked to assist in keeping our state Covid free by using a QR scan application on our mobile phones. While this might sound a little complicated it's actually quite an easy tool to use and will hopefully save us all from constantly writing our names and contact details everywhere we go :)

This QR code reader is going to be used across most businesses in South Australia and is designed to replace paper records, and the government has assured us only our basic contact details will be kept for 28 days in order for them to be able to contact us should we have been somewhere a Covid case has been identified.

So how does it work?

Basically, from your app store on your mobile phone you can look for the mySAGOV app if you haven't downloaded it already (it is also used for easy vehicle registration, license renewals e.t.c.) and download it to your phone. Once you have installed this feature, each time you visit a business or venue that is displaying a QR code for entry you simply open the mySAGOV app on your phone, select the Covid Safe option/button that will be available, and use your phone's camera to scan the code. It's that simple! The app takes care of everything from there :)

Saying that, as a government application I don't believe any of us will be surprised if it has moments when it doesn't work! Don't worry though – if the app isn't working, or if you don't have a mobile phone that can install the app or a mobile phone at all, the option will still be available to simply sign in the usual way.

Fingers crossed this will prove to be an efficient way of ensuring unexpected lockdowns become a distant memory, but most importantly of all please don't feel overwhelmed if you're unsure of what these changes mean :) Our Superstar Trainers will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, and the reality is your health and happiness is our number one priority so if you feel more comfortable signing in as you have been doing then that's absolutely fine! I just wanted to take this opportunity to hopefully shed a little light on what will surely be a feature of the news over the next couple of days :)

Yuki is going to be in contact very shortly to say hello and let everyone know about the Christmas breaks, and I have no doubt there will be an online Christmas Party coming so that she can see you all and wish you all the very best for what I'm sure will be a beautiful finish to a difficult year so stay posted for further information.

Finally, I want to extend a huge thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of the Yuki Health and Happiness Family and continuing to strive to be your very best through a historically unpredictable and challenging time of uncertainty and confusion. It is truly heartbreaking to know that so many of our wonderful small businesses here in South Australia have not been able to continue, and so it is an understatement of the very least to say I am so honoured for all of your support to keep Yuki's dream alive while she is overseas and while circumstances are constantly changing. To all of her beautiful clients, and to all of her superstar trainers, thank you for bringing a whole new level of inspiration when it is so surely needed - you have all had such an enormous impact on her life in positive ways you cannot imagine :)

Take care and thank you all so much for your time,


p.s. Welcome to December!!!!!!!

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