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missing you all!

Hi Everyone!

I finally have the chance to write to you again from Japan :) How are you all? I can't believe it's December already!

It is getting colder here, but today is still very beautiful.

My flight home was supposed to be on December the 1st but it was cancelled and changed to January the 2nd :( So I will spend Christmas and New Year with my family and then will finally be heading back to Australia! I can't begin to tell you how much I miss all of you :)

I am so lucky to have so many precious moments with my mum and dad and thanks to all of your support I can feel a huge energy growing inside me. Every day I am feeling the love from our wonderful instructors and all of our beautiful Yuki Health and Happiness family members, and it really does mean the world to me in ways you can't imagine! You have all helped to allow me to share so many beautiful moments in Japan with my family because knowing you are all still so passionate about your health and happiness journey gives me the inspiration to make the most of every special day that I am here. Thank you all so much!

Christmas is around the corner and that means classes will be coming to a close for the year. Here are the finishing dates -

Cumberland Park's last class will be 18th Dec.

Living Choice's last class will be 18th Dec (Please note that Living Choice is having a Christmas part on the 17th of December so there will be no classes on that day)

Seaford Community Centre's last class will be 10th Dec.

Wakefild House's last class will be 8th Dec.

Byard's Community Centre's last class will be 18th Dec.

Don't worry though – all of our great classes will be back in the new year and fingers crossed I can finally see you all!!!!

I am hoping to have an online Christmas get together in the next week or two and I'll be sure to let all know what time it will be taking place – it will be so great to have the chance to chat with you all before the end of the year :)

Take care and I'll write again real soon,


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1 Comment

Brenda Tregloan
Brenda Tregloan
Dec 06, 2020

Merry Christmas to all. Stay safe. See you in the New Year.

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