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nothing can stop us!

Hello Everyone :)

There’s been so much excitement and energy these last two weeks that I’m only just finally updating our blog!!!!!

Can you believe things are almost back to normal? It’s been such an enormous whirlwind of confusion and changes but the great news is our classes are back! A huge congratulations to everyone for helping to support our great state and ensuring our city remains one of the safest on the planet. It has been challenging to say the very least, but together we’ve made it through with a thousand new reasons to smile :)

Wow, how can I begin to let you know how unbelievably fantastic it’s been to finally be able to see you all again? I was so honoured and grateful to have such wonderful turnouts for the online classes during the shut down, but a computer screen is no substitute for face to face smiles and laughter! To say our classes have returned bigger and better than ever is an understatement and thank you to everyone for making these last couple of weeks such a joyous occasion :) If I’ve learned anything it’s that your drive and motivation is endless, and that it will take more than a pandemic to slow any of you down!!!!

Each and every one of you is absolutely AWESOME!

So welcome back everybody, and together let’s bring a whole new level of health and happiness to the second half of the year. There’s true magic waiting to be made, and brand new adventures that I can’t wait to share with you all :)

It’s a beautiful day…


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