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Hi Everyone,

Who loves Sushi rolls?

I don't want to just eat and not talk so this is half size roll! I've put some photos and you can see the beans that we throw during Setubun and then pray for Health and Happiness :) Maybe next year we can try to celebrate Setubun in the class!!!!

I'm still trying to arrange a flight and will let you all know as soon as I have a return date, but while I am here I have been learning and developing a new, special kind of Chair Yoga for everybody and I think you will love it!

The new styled online Chair Yoga classes being this Wednesday the 10th of February, and it would be so amazing to share the new exercises with you :) Start time is 9.30 am Adelaide time, and will be online each Wednesday until I can jump off the plane and see you all again.

I am so super excited to introduce this program because I believe it will help give you a whole new sense of your body, your movement, and most of all your health and happiness! The new Chair Yoga incorporates very gentle movements, and as it is a new exercise program I would be so grateful for your feedback. A wonderful lady called Takayo has been an amazing source of inspiration and has helped me develop this new Chair Yoga and I am so lucky to learn so many things, and I'm so happy that Takayo will be joining the classes to make the experience something truly special!

Because it is brand new, classes are only $5 per session!!! Also, because Takayo and I have put together an extremely beneficial program designed to incorporate a number of different exercsise routines, it would be so great if you can join us for three classes to enjoy the full experience :)

So, if you are interested you're welcome to send me a message, or alternatively the link for the class will be on the top of the VIDEOS page shortly!

I miss you all so much and can't wait to let you know once I've secured a flight home, but in the meantime thank you all again for keeping the Yuki Health and Happiness spirit alive – your gift of motivation and inspiration is something I'll always treasure :)

Take care and will blog again real soon,


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1 comentario

Brenda Tregloan
Brenda Tregloan
08 feb 2021

Yum. I love sushi rolls. ❤

Me gusta
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