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summer magic

In 2017 I took my very first step towards a dream of creating Yuki Health and Happiness. My first term of classes averaged just 2 or 3 wonderful clients, and it was their huge hearts and endless motivation that helped me continue to chase my dream, and now as 2021 is coming to a close I truly can't believe all the amazing changes that have happened! Our awesome Yuki Health and Happiness family is now enjoying classes in more than 5 venues, and every day you are all bringing the most amazing and beautiful energy and that makes me happier than you can every imagine :) We also now have spectacular and inspiring trainers helping to make your health and happiness journey truly special and I just can't thank them enough – they are absolute superstars!

Now that we are heading towards Christmas I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that brings their beautiful hearts and smiles to our classes for helping to make my dream come true! Being able to share in your health and happiness journey is the greatest gift I could ever have imagined, and the joy it brings me makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world :) Thank you so much everyone, and I want to wish you all nothing but pure joy and happiness for this festive season! During the break I'll be working hard to make sure 2022 is the best year ever!!!

Please see below for information about the last classes for the year for each venue – some venues are closing sooner than others but if you'd like to take a class at a different venue than normal please do because I'd love to see you there!

Thank you once again everyone for all of your support and energy, and please enjoy a fabulous Christmas :) I'll be doing my best to see you all before the break and I already can't wait to start the New Year with brand new magic!!!!!

Take care,


Cumberland Park Community Centre

20th Dec Monday is the last class for this year!

Coming back on 17th of Jan 2022!

Byards Community Centre

20th Dec Monday is the last class for this year!

Coming back on 10th of Jan 2022!

Living Choice Woodcroft/ Fullarton

Seaford Community Centre

17th of December will be the last session for this year,

Coming back 10th of Jan 2022!

Hewett Sports Hub

13th Dec Monday is the last class for this year.

Coming back on 17th of Jan 2022!

Wakefield House Positive Aging Centre

14th of Dec is the last class for this year.

Coming back on 11th of Jan 2022!

Hackham Community Centre

10th Dec is the last week of this year,

And coming back 31st of Jan 2022 week we will be back!

※For Senior Fitness class at Hackham Community Centre group is welcome to come to Seaford Community Centre(Thursday 10:30am class) or Living Choice Woodcroft(Wednesday 9:15am)

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1 Comment

Dec 05, 2021

Well done Yuki. You deserve it.. you make it enjoyable. I see I missed that photo day 😁.

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