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sunny xmas is almost here!

Can you believe the last month of the year has arrived? I have no doubt it's a super busy time for many of us right now, but it's also a great opportunity to indulge in some quiet moments to reflect on how much each of us has achieved in 2022, and all of the beautiful times we have shared together. Thank you all so much for giving me so many wonderful memories!!!

I will be flying home to Japan on December 15 for about four weeks, but I'm happy to confirm that our spectacular instructors will be helping to keep the classes going :) Please find below all the finishing dates for this year, and the starting dates for the new year!

Cumberland Park Community Centre :

Monday the 19th of Dec is the last day for this year with Jenny Kemp.

Monday the 9th of Jan the first class begins (also with Jenny!)

Tuesday class will begin on the 10th of Jan with Kelly Hurley.

Byards Community Centre:

Monday the 19th of Dec is the last day for this year, with Nicola Veinberg running the class.

Monday the 9th of Jan is the start date.

Wakefield House

13th of Dec will be our last session for the year with Trudy Page.

The class will start once again on the 16th of Jan with Trudy.

Seaford Community Centre:

15th of Dec will be the last day, and for Senior Fitness Debbie Clancey will be teaching the class, and for Chair Yoga Trudy Page will teach the class.

And the19th Jan will be the first day back and Debbie and Trudy will be taking these first classes!

Living Choice Woodcroft

Friday the 16th of Dec will be our last session at Living Choice this year, and Ann Cutting will be coming to teach for us.

10th of Jan Chair Yoga and Strength For Life class will be back with Yuki!

Happy Valley Bowling Club

We have already finished for this year, but we will be back on 20th of Jan.

Hewette Sports Ground

Monday the 12th of Dec is our last session and the 9th Jan we will be back with Nicola starting the new year's fun!

Thank you everyone for making 2022 a fantastic year filled with success, laughter and happiness, and I'll be writing another blog before I go :)

Take care,


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