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Superwoman Sunshine

Hello everyone!

How fantastic is this Autumn weather we’re having? The mornings might be frosty but oh so much sunshine to enjoy :)

Speaking of cold starts to the day, as winter begins to set in and our muscles take a little longer to get moving properly it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce some simple stretches and warm-ups to the start of the morning – gifting the muscles with some relaxing exercises and nice warm blood flow is a fantastic way of helping to avoid annoying injuries and niggling pains. If you’d like to add some wake up stretches to your mornings please let me know and I’d love to come up with something perfect for you!

I’m so happy to report that classes have been super busy and full of energy, and it’s truly inspiring to know that the change of seasons has only brought more determination, success and laughter :) I can’t tell you how lucky I am to wake up to my alarm super excited to see you all and share in your health journeys!

One person that never fails to ignite the class with energy and keep me smiling all day is Olga, a true superwoman who is always glowing with positive energy. Last year she was lucky enough to enjoy a spectacular holiday but admits she had a little too much fun and put on a little extra weight :) But, in just three short months, Olga has thrown all of her powerful energy into her health and happiness journey and is extremely proud to have said goodbye to the extra holiday kilos!!!! How amazing is that?

I asked her how she stays so motivated and consistently brings so much positive energy to her workouts and she told me, “Life is too short to be miserable”.

Being around her helps me realise life can be fun and happy, and her presence is always guaranteed to leave me smiling. So thank you so much Olga for being a part of our classes and sharing with us your beautiful soul!

I hope everyone has a beautiful and relaxing weekend filled with this glorious sunshine and I can’t wait to see you all next week for some action, excitement and laughter :)

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Susan Giddings
Susan Giddings
05 ago 2019

Hello Yuki

I was told that you have health and fitness classes at Living Choice at Flagstaff Hill. Interested in attending. Myemail is Thanks

Me gusta
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