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Hello Everyone :)

I hope so much that you are all keeping safe and doing your best to stay positive, although I know keeping up a smile isn’t the easiest of things in such challenging times as these. Your health and happiness is the most important thing of all though, an absolute treasure that you have all worked so hard to make the best it can possibly be, and together we can weather the journey ahead and hopefully bounce back when winter begins to fade in the distance and a brand new energy brings us all together once again!

There is a great deal of uncertainty about what measures will be put in place over the next several days to help both our amazing state and nation tackle the virus. I’m sure most of you are aware that all gyms, indoor fitness venues, pools and community centres have now closed, and this unfortunately means all Yuki Health And Happiness classes are for the time being suspended. The decision by the government was a big step in an effort to ensure our safety, and as it happened so suddenly it made it quite difficult to speak with many of you about the closures. Because of this I want to say to any of my valued clients that I was unable to reach out to, please know I wish there was a little more time to announce the changes :(

One thing however can be pretty certain, and that is we will all be spending a lot more time at home than usual, and this doesn’t have to be a bad thing!!! If you’re reading this blog that means your health and happiness journey is going to continue, because keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is going to need amazing energy and vitality and together we’re going to make sure there’s plenty go around :)

Over the next week or so you will find special videos appearing under my “Videos” page on this website. Are you a Chair Yoga Trooper? There’ll be awesome classes that you can do right in your living room, kitchen, or even your backyard!!!! (Weather permitting of course!…) Mat Yoga Lover? I’ll be doing my best to give you in house Yoga sessions that will have you turning on the air-conditioner even if it’s a typical Adelaide winter outside :) Strength For Life Soldier? There will be special exercises and movements that I’m sure will leave a bounce in your step all day! Aerobics Fanatic? Hmm… you might have to turn up the volume, but I might have something special for you :)

But it doesn’t end there. I’m currently looking into online meeting options so that those of us who want to can get together and chat about workouts, maintaining our treasured health and happiness, tips on working through these strange times or just things to make us laugh! Because the truth is that Yuki Health And Happiness isn’t just a bunch of exercise classes, it’s a family that is unlike any other. Together we have all made a choice to bring energy, joy, motivation and love to this wonderful thing called life and all of those special people around us, and together we can make that continue:) Not only is giving your body and mind as much love as you can the best thing you can do right now, but each of us deserves a reason to smile especially when life throws us a challenge. After all, you’re totally worth it!!!!

I’ll update Facebook as soon as I’ve added anything to the website but if you’re not on Facebook please visit Yuki Health And Happiness website on a regular basis to check for new videos and updates. Of course, please know I am always only a phone call/text message/email away because it means a lot to hear from you all :)

If there is one thing you have all taught me it is that the human spirit will shine through any challenges or changes, and it’s the strength, love and motivation you’ve all given me that will fuel my drive to turn this temporary negative into a positive. So thank you. Thank you all so much for giving me the belief that anything can be achieved, and see you online!!!!!

Take care and see you all soon,


P.s. my tail-less naughty cat wanted to send you all a smile!

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