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Do you enjoy classic dance music? Do you love jumping into the pool with friends for an adventure in laughter and a great workout at the same time? If the answer is YES, then you will love Aqua Aerobics!


Aqua Aerobics is all about fun and fitness. Age is no barrier and the low impact water environment means people of all capabilities can add a new class to their health and happiness journey. Now that the warmer weather is here why not join us for some uplifting music and great times? Your first adventure into Aqua Aerobics is free so it’s a great opportunity to say hello and be a part of the fun :)

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Living Choice Woodcroft

Wednesday 11:00-11:45 & 12:00-12:45

Friday 13:30-14:15

177 Pimpala Road, Woodcroft.

Would Like To Learn More?

You're welcome to call me on 0424 724 914 or you can contact me via the button below - I look forward to hearing from you!

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