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Do you sometimes worry about falling.? Would you like to have better balance and feel more confident on your feet?

 When older people fall the consequences can range from painful injuries, reductions in movement, to permanent damage, and can often be devastating to both them and their families.

In 2022 Yuki worked with the Mitcham City Council to create the brand new falls prevention program called Happy Balance, Happy Life! The pilot program was a huge sucess, so much so that new classes and locations will continue to be rolled out in 2024!

 This successful, innovative program will consist of weekly exercises and balance classes over a period of 10 weeks, and has been specifically designed to improve the lives and confidence of those who are finding concern with their balance. The classes will be conducted by qualified, experienced instructors who will not only bring an abundance of passion but also a whole lot of reasons to smile and have fun:) Participants will also be provided with a coloured exercise sheet of basic exercises to be done at home, and their performance growth will be measured each week to ensure a life changing result.

 If you, a friend or family member would like to improve your balance, reduce the risk of falls and bring a whole new confidence to your daily activities then this class is the perfect solution!

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Would Like To Learn More?

You're welcome to call me on 0424 724 914 or you can contact me via the button below - I look forward to hearing from you!

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