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A Leap of faith

Good Evening Everyone,

Thank you all for your time. It's Darren here, Yuki's husband, and to be honest I sure do wish I had a better reason to introduce myself!

As many of you are probably aware by now the South Australian Government has chosen to take immediate action in response to a new outbreak north of the city. Unfortunately, as of midnight tonight, the majority of Yuki Health and Happiness classes will need to be placed on hold for the next 14 days. This is a decision that has been made very quickly, but ultimately it is a decision that hopefully has been made to ensure we can all welcome December in a safe and restriction free environment.

To avoid confusion moving forward we will wait to see what happens in the next 48 hours. By Wednesday evening we should all have a strong grasp of what sort of impact this new outbreak is going to have on our amazing state, and it goes without saying our fingers and toes are crossed that we'll all discover that the situation will have already settled. Either way, we will be in a much better position to understand how it is we will move together into the Christmas period.

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the planet, with dazzling sunsets and warm and safe communities full of beautiful energy and the confidence to face any challenge, so moving forward we can maintain high spirits that health, success and happiness is always achievable!

So please take care, take a moment to enjoy the magical rays of the sun, and Yuki will touch base with you all Wednesday evening :)

All the very best,


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2 comentários

Sue Vieceli
Sue Vieceli
17 de nov. de 2020

Thank you Darren for your message. Hopefully the restrictions wont last too long. Please say hello to Yuki. x


Brenda Tregloan
Brenda Tregloan
16 de nov. de 2020

Thank you Darren for reaching out to us. I had just texted a message to Yuki when the notification came through about this blog. Wow. Spooky 😀

Stay safe,stay well and hopefully we can all re-unite around December. Maybe even a reunion get together. 😷😉

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