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winter wonders

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all keeping warm and finding the chance to enjoy some beautiful walks now that everything is nice and green! Winter is turning out to be super special this year and I'm so happy to tell you about some of the fantastic new changes taking place :)

Recently I received the news that the Mitcham City Council approved a grant to assist with our brand new program called Happy Balance, Happy Life! I was so honoured (and so nervous!) to be a part of a presentation ceremony to accept the grant – it was such a special day for me because it means I can bring happiness and confidence to people who might be struggling with their balance. I can't thank the Mitcham Council enough, and I am so grateful to all of our trainers and all of our beautiful and supportive clients that continue to make Yuki Health and Happiness a dream come true!

Happy Balance, Happy Life is a brand new, 10 week course designed to improve balance and build the confidence to enjoy daily life. If you or someone you know would like to learn more, I'm happy to announce a fun information session at the Cumberland Park Community Centre on July 18 from 2-3pm. Of course you can always contact me for a chat if you are wanting to learn more but unable to attend that day :)

The other good news I have is that Cumberland Park classes will return to the Community Centre in 2 weeks!!! Thank you everyone for your patience and for adjusting to the temporary venue while the renovations were being done, and I'm sure we're all looking forward to getting back to our “home” :)

Happy Winter everybody, and thank you all again for being so amazing! Let's enjoy the beautiful green gardens and wonderful parks, the flowing rivers and creeks and stunning sunsets, and together we can move towards Spring even healthier and happier.

Take care and stay warm,


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