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a mission for happiness

Hello Everyone 😊

I’m so excited to write this blog because I’ve been given the opportunity to share with you all some wonderful news about a gentleman called Kevin who is an awesome part of the Yuki Health and Happiness family. He made a decision some time ago to embark on an amazing health journey, and one of the greatest gifts of working with so many motivated people is learning about life changing success stories!

Kevin was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which is a condition in which the body becomes resistant to the normal effects of insulin and gradually loses capacity to produce enough insulin in the pancreas. In September of last year his doctor indicated he would need to begin a treatment schedule, but Kevin was determined instead to try making changes to his diet. With his doctor’s approval he began a blood sugar diet, taking care about the food he put in his body, joined our Aqua class two times a week, and focused all his energy on improving his health in any way he could.

Guess what? Last month he had a blood test and his glucose levels have returned to a non-diabetes range!!! It’s such a fantastic achievement and absolute proof that pursuing health and happiness can truly change your life 😊

I am so honoured to have so many motivated and positive people who enjoy our Yuki Health and Happiness classes, and I would love to find out more about what inspired people to make changes to their life and what goals they would like to achieve, so please let me know next time I see you or please feel free to email me with some amazing stories – I would just LOVE to know more!

We now have a super special team of instructors, and last week we had the opportunity to all get together for some training and discussions about our team goals and focus moving forward. From this discussion we put together a little mission statement for Yuki Health and Happiness trainers, so I wanted to present it to you all here.

Thank you everyone for continuing to make our classes the best ever and always full of fun, and I promise I have many new exciting things to bring to our 2022 health and happiness journey 😊

Our Mission statement.

"The Yuki Health and Happiness mission is to continuously strive to create and maintain the highest standards possible to help build the health and well being of our wonderful clients.

Together we can continue to evolve and bring our knowledge and experience to our classes to enhance the magical relationships we build, and together we will change people’s lives and create true health and happiness."

Take care everyone,


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