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Merry Christmas!!!!

Hello Everyone!!

I want to wish you all a truly magical Christmas and I hope so much you are all enjoying magical time with family and friends :)

It has been very cold here in Japan and I've had such a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my family during this very special time of the year, and I am sorry for not being able to arrange a coffee catch up - I will definitely try to arrange something before the New Year :)

I miss you all so much and although my flight has been changed I should be back early January ready to see all of your beautiful smiles!!!!

Thank you everyone for keeping our Yuki Health and Happiness family full of energy and motivation through such a strange and challenging year, and please enjoy this video from Kyoto! It was super super cold so it was difficult to talk!!!

Take care and enjoy a magical Christmas Day,


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1 comentario

26 dic 2020

Hi Yuki. Loved your message & video. I was happy to see your snow. We had a lovely Christmas Day at my sisters. Do hope you enjoyed it with your parents. You had a lovely white Christmas. Just like the song, for me... I’m dreaming of a white Christmas 😁. Stay safe & looking forward to having you back here. Tc Jen ,

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