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new beginnings!

Hello everyone!!!

From this week most of the classes will be back, so I hope everyone had great time and I hope you are all super excited about starting a New Year health and happiness journey.

This week I am hoping to be able to come online during some classes, so it will be amazing to see you all and have the chance to say hello! Also, from last week I restarted the online Chair Yoga class on Wednesday mornings at 8am. If you want to join us please let me know!!

(Only $5 per class for online)

If you would like to join the online class, but the time doesn't suit you, please let me know a more suitable time and I'll be more than happy to see what we can work out :)

I am really looking forward to the chance to see some of you this week, and lets start a fantastic 2021 together!!!

Missing you all and I'll be back soon,


p.s. here is a photo from a Shrine that I love to visit, a Saki place and also a photo from Kyoto!

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