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September, spring and superstars!

Hello Everyone :)

Spring has officially arrived in Australia and, even though I can’t be there to see all the beautiful colours begin to blossom, it warms my heart to know you are all ready to charge into the sunshine with more energy than ever in such historic times!!!

As most of you will know by now I have had to return to Japan unexpectedly. Due to unforeseen circumstances I really needed to be with my parents, and thankfully I was able to make the journey back home. Currently I am in quarantine in a place called Gifu in the mountains, but in just a few days I’ll be back near the city of Osaka and will hopefully have the chance to see you all online :)

Things have happened so very quickly and I really want to thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. Each and every one of your health and happiness journeys is extremely important to me, and I was so worried that our wonderful classes might come to a halt after having bounced back to life post Covid restrictions...

But my worry soon turned into absolute amazement when a team of true superstars agreed to keep the fun going while I’m away!

I can’t really put into words how grateful I am to have the opportunity to meet and work with such awesome trainers, and over the next few days I’ll be introducing each of them so that we can learn a little bit more about what makes them so incredible :) Together they have helped to make the impossible possible, and thanks to their wonderful and caring support I can feel confident knowing our classes are in the best possible hands!

Over the next few days I hope to be able to work out a suitable time for a Yuki Health and Happiness online catch up :) It will be so great to see you all and hear some fun stories so please visit the blog again soon for further information. I might be far away at the moment, but know my spirit is with each of you. Knowing I have such beautiful and caring people to come back to means the world to me, and the treasured memories of your smiles and laughter is what will give me strength to face even the toughest of challenges.

Thank you everyone, and please make this Spring the BEST EVER!!!!

Take care and hope to see you online real soon,


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2 comentários

Val Hepworth
Val Hepworth
05 de set. de 2020

Lovely to hear from you Yuki. We had a good class on Thursday, but did miss you! So pleased to see that you will be able to see your parents soon and I do admire your positive attitude. Love


Brenda Tregloan
Brenda Tregloan
04 de set. de 2020

Hello Yuki. We miss your smiling face. I heard that there has been bad weather in Japan. Stay safe. 😘

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