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spring magic!

Hi everyone, it's been such a long time since my last blog but I'm so happy to be finally writing to you all again!

There's been so much happening and I'd love to share with you all the super fun changes that have taken place.

Spring is slowly opening her arms, daylight savings is almost here, and thanks to our amazing Yuki Health and Happiness team we have a whole bunch of classes to enjoy! Not only that, but we have new classes including Mat Yoga and Senior Fitness at the Hackham West Community Centre, an additional Strength For Life class at Cumberland Park Community Centre, Meditation sessions at Living Choice and a brand new Senior Fitness class beginning at the Blackwood Community Centre following the school holidays! So if you'd like to expand your health and happiness journey please explore the website for all of the times and locations :)

I've also been so grateful to receive some wonderful feedback from some of our clients.

We have a lady with fibromyalgia who has been attending one of our Chair Yoga classes, and it was so amazing to hear that she feels so much lighter and a little more flexible after each session! We also have a lady who has been enjoying our Aye Move classes, and after several months her joint, knee and lower back pain is almost gone after gaining the ability to relax her muscles! It is such an inspiration to hear people's health and happiness journey is bringing new joy into their lives and it is my dream to work with everyone to make sure great successes can be achieved!

Some wonderful testimonies from superstar clients include -

“Balance is important to me. I’ve had a fall and wanted to avoice this happening again. SFL has helped in this area so much.”

“I improved body strength and now no longer need my Asthma medication!”

“I feel more energy, and now I'm working on upper body strength to improve my golf swing!”

”We all work out very hard together. But also I met great friends here which helps me a lot!”

“I had a heart attach and I was trying to get my fitness back by walking. But taking aqua classes has helped me strengthen my body without stressing my joints. My doctor is very happy about my results!”

“Meditation is one of the greatest things I've ever tried in my life! Thanks to the techniques I've learned I can sleep so much better.”

I can't begin to tell you how much I love to see people bring a new sense of happiness into their lives. It truly is a constant source of inspiration, motivation and hear filled energy that makes me so excited every day for every single class! So thank you to everyone for sharing in our health and happiness journey, and I can't wait to see what magic we can make together as beautiful spring begins to warm our souls :)

Wishing you all a wonderful start to October,


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